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North East Texas Woman

This song is by Jimmy Buffett and appears on the live album Live at Texas Stadium (2007) by Alan Jackson, George Strait and Jimmy Buffett.

Home South of oklahoma, east of New Mexico,
West of Louisiana where all them Cajuns grow
We gotta a little place called Texas
Where the women grow on trees.
They're right there for the pickin' just as easy as you please
And you better run take hold
You're gonna get young 'fore you get old
And them Texas women is Texas gold
With kisses that are sweeter than cactus
North of Amarillo, east of old Dime Box
You can find your Cinderella or a genuine Goldilocks
And if ya don't like love attachments, if your taste in women is strange
Then go on and spend your money, my friend, down in old La Grange

And you better tell it to the world
You want to get a Lone Star girl
With her cast iron curls
And her aluminum dimple
And it's so simple
North of Waxahachie, east of old Cowtown
Them Dallas women standin' up beat the others lyin' down
Well God bless the Trinity River and any man who is unaware
Of the northeast Texas women with their cotton candy hair

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