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Positively Meant To Be

This song is by Jimmie Vaughan and appears on the album Out There (1998).

Hey baby, let me talk to you
I wanna tell you the truth about the way I feel
Now you know I love you
I know it gets crazy sometimes and I'm not at home and then I'm back and then I'm gone
You're doing your thing and I'm doing my thing and I really love you but I just want to tell you how much
So scoot a little bit closer, please baby, and let my words put you at ease

To my heart you have the key
It was you who set me free
When I looked into your eyes
I began to realize
That loving you, it's plain to see
Was positively meant to be

There's no word to deny
Lasting love for you and I
And time will surely show
That our love will grow and grow
Loving you was meant for me
Was positively meant to be

Loving you it's plain to see
Was positively meant to be
Positively meant to be


Written by:

Jimmie Vaughan

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