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This song is by Jill Sobule and appears on the album Happy Town (1997).

She's an underachiever
She's only passed Spanish and gym
She's not bad at essays
She can bullshit her way through them
She wears the walkman under her hood
She hides the magazine in her book
She looks like she's elsewhere

The girls in the school can be so mean
The boys never pay attention
She's in love with her history teacher
She can't wait till she gets older

The halls in school look daunting
They get longer and slower each day
She moves past the smiles and whispers
And the rumors that won't go away

The girls in the school can be so mean
And the boys just don't seem to matter
She looks at the clock every minute or two
She can't wait till class is over

She wakes up in the morning
With a lump in her throat
She thinks of excuses to stay in bed
All day all day long
She tells me a big secret
She writes to me almost twice a day
It's a lot for me to deal with
I wish I could give her more time
'Cause the girls in the school
They were so mean
And the boys never paid me attention
I was in love with my English teacher
I couldn't wait to get older

The girls in the school
The boys in the school
The halls in the school
The girls in the school

Only passed Spanish and gym
She's an underachiever


Written by:

Jill Sobule]]

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