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Father's Day

This song is by Jesu and Sun Kil Moon and appears on the album Jesu/Sun Kil Moon (2016).

I rehearsed today down in Bayview with a bunch of singers
And a string section too
Came home in the afternoon, sunk into my chair, took in the sun thinking about what a friend said about
Bullshit verses more important issues
Then the doors all started buzzing and Caroline went downstairs and a crackhead fled two FedEx packages
Were ripped to shreds
She filed a report and I called the building manager and let her know and the next morning the neighbor
Came over and we talked it over
We went to bed, turned on CNN in South Carolina 9 were shot dead
The killer looks like a little boy not a man
So tonight I can't address nothing else that's happening

Friday was the show with Chuck and Steph
Last night was the fight with Andre Ward and an overweight Paul Smith
A piece of Smith's face went flying in the 9thth round
And the ref stepped in and the noise of the crows was so intense because Steph Curry was in the house

And today is Father's Day
And I called my dad and he sounded OK
Told him I was recording, but that on Wednesday gonna go pull fish from the ocean
And cook them with Caroline in her brand new kitchen

Oh today is Father's Day
I just talked to my dad and he's doing OK
He and his girlfriend went to lunch that's all he needs, he's 81
He's a simple man and full of love and I miss him a bunch

Oh today is Father's Day
I called my dad and I'm so happy that I can say
That after years of struggle he's one of my best friends
No matter what his faults are I will always love that man

And it's Tuesday and I'm duetting with Rachel
She's a parent now, and so is Neil, and so is Justin maybe they're onto something
What is next and when will I face death
Do we want kids, we both think no
But I hear them laughing at the playground at school
And I think about life with all its pain and hurtles
I still love lily pads floating at the top of the ponds and painted turtles
And I love Cat Stevens and Neil Young songs
And I love Owen Ashworth's music when we're driving along
And I think about life with all its spew and venom
And I still love playing music, getting up on stage, and entertaining
I look at the sky and at all those beautiful shades of blue
And I'm so happy to have passed through these places that had lead me to you
Will I ever hear people say "Happy Father's Day"
Will I ever hear people say "Happy Father's Day"
I got the money and I got the space I got the right girl, everything's in place
Will it ever be our kid out there on the playground, laughing and playing
For half my life that playground
Has been my very favorite sound
They wake me in the morning, then in the afternoon
I write music to the sound of them during their after-school programs in my living room

This morning the world is so strange and quiet
I'll walk to the Marina for exercise and I try to maintain some kind of died
My sister said my father's skin is getting dry
That his hands are black and blue like my grandfather's was when I was 5
I'm going to meet Caroline down the road for Chinese
They're building a new hospital over there and the cat still sleeps at the fish market across the street
And here we are back home, watching a movie on TV
And I'm looking at a picture of my sister's kids in the garden and it's got me thinking.

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