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Get 'Em Girls

This song is by Jessica Mauboy and appears on the album Get 'Em Girls (2010).

I don't need a runway
I got on my Get 'Em Girls, I got on my Get 'Em Girls
I can catwalk my way to the front page
I got on my Get 'Em Girls, I got on my Get 'Em Girls
Put your Get 'Em Girls on and swing your hips this way

I got on my Get 'Em Girls, you can call them Prada heels
I don't need a runway to walk it out this Bonneville
And I got a hundred pair different colours come see
Gucci alligators call 'em Crocodile Dundee
Now take it to the floor
Pumps saying hello, new wing tips got 'em flyer than a sparrow
Get 'em by the twos like I'm Noah with stilettos
Fresh Jimmy Choos got 'em pointed like an arrow

Rock and back and rock and back back
Rock and back and rock and back back
Rock and back and rock and back back
Rock and back and rock - now I'm gonna strike a pose

Let me see you in La Perla mama
Dress blowin' like your Marilyn Monroe
Vera Wang with the fur around it
Hot slippin' in Giuseppes with the fur around me
Click click the alarm in the Maserati
Click click from my heels yes they is the money
Click click goes the cameras from the Papparazzi
I'm the shit you can ask the whole world about me

High heels are every woman's vain
I don't know what I'd do without 'em
Right now I feel so on display
The cameras flash and everyone's askin' where you get 'em girl

You can tell 'em that you got 'em from the Boss Dogg
I got the hook up, look up and let the rain fall
Impressin' ya, dressing ya, never stressing ya
It's the messenger, go on get it, Jessica
It is possible pop a bottle we slide away
We're on all fours with no clothes we'll hide away
Then I walk you down the runway of success
Playin' with your hair just shoes and sex
It's erotic, shoot it, I just shot it, grand an Armani, oh baby you got it
Tell you the truth, dip the whip
Then flip the scrip' we'll go hip to hip
Don't rock the beat, just play your role
Wax your legs now polish your toes
Flip your hair now you're right
You're wonderful, marvellous, out of sight

Yeah Jessica baby, I just gotta let you know
You got on them Get 'Em Girls and you really gettin' it
Get it girl

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