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The Unbelievable Guitar & Voice Of Jerry Reed (1967)

Jerry Reed - The Unbelievable Guitar & Voice Of Jerry Reed

The Unbelievable Guitar & Voice Of Jerry Reed

  1. It Don't Work That Way
  2. Guitar Man
  3. You're Young and You'll Forget
  4. Woman Shy
  5. I Feel for You
  6. Take a Walk
  7. Love Man
  8. If I Promise
  9. U.S. Male
  10. Long Gone
  11. If It Comes to That
  12. The Claw

Nashville Underground (1968)

Jerry Reed - Nashville Underground

Nashville Underground

  1. Remembering
  2. A Thing Called Love
  3. You Wouldn't Know A Good Thing
  4. Save Your Dreams
  5. Almost Crazy
  6. You've Been Cryin' Again
  7. Fine On My Mind
  8. Tupelo Mississippi Flash
  9. Wabash Cannonball
  10. Hallelujah I Love Her So
  11. John Henry

Alabama Wild Man (1968)

Jerry Reed - Alabama Wild Man

Alabama Wild Man

  1. Alabama Wild Man
  2. Love Prints
  3. Broken Heart Attack
  4. Free Born Man
  5. Last Train To Clarksville
  6. Twelve Bar Midnight
  7. Losing Your Love
  8. Today Is Mine
  9. Maybe In Time
  10. House Of The Rising Sun
  11. You'd Better Take Time

Jerry Reed Explores Guitar Country (1969)

Jerry Reed - Jerry Reed Explores Guitar Country

Jerry Reed Explores Guitar Country

  1. Georgia On My Mind
  2. Sittin' On Top Of The World
  3. Are You From Dixie ('Cause I'm From Dixie Too)
  4. St. James Infirmary
  5. Bluegrass (With Guts)
  6. Blue Moon Of Kentucky
  7. Wayfaring Stranger
  8. In The Pines
  9. Swarmin'
  10. John Hardy
  11. Barbara Allen
  12. A Worried Man

Cookin' (1970)

Jerry Reed - Cookin'


  1. Turn It Around In Your Mind
  2. How Many Tomorrows
  3. Sometimes Feelin'
  4. Just To Satisfy You
  5. Plastic Saddle
  6. I Shoulda Stayed Home
  7. Alabama Jubilee
  8. Aunt Maudie's Fun Garden
  9. The Semi-Great Predictor
  10. My Next Impersonation
  11. Gomyeyonyo

Georgia Sunshine (1970)

Jerry Reed - Georgia Sunshine

Georgia Sunshine

  1. Georgia Sunshine
  2. Good Friends And Neighbors
  3. Mule Skinner Blues
  4. That's All Part Of Losing
  5. Eight More Miles To Louisville
  6. Amos Moses
  7. Dream Sweet Dreams About Me
  8. The Preacher And The Bear
  9. Ugly Woman
  10. Talk About The Good Times

When You're Hot, You're Hot (1971)

Jerry Reed - When You're Hot, You're Hot

When You're Hot, You're Hot

  1. When You're Hot, You're Hot
  2. Thank You Girl
  3. Don't Think Twice It's All Right
  4. She Understands Me
  5. Turned On
  6. Amos Moses
  7. I'll Be Around (In All The Old Places)
  8. Big Daddy
  9. With You (Missing You)
  10. My Kinda Love
  11. Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town

Ko-Ko Joe (1971)

Jerry Reed - Ko-Ko Joe

Ko-Ko Joe

  1. Ko-Ko Joe
  2. Another Puff
  3. Early Morning Rain
  4. A Brand New Day
  5. Not As A Sweetheart (But Just As A Friend)
  6. You'll Never Walk Alone
  7. (Love Is) A Stranger To Me
  8. Country Boy's Dream
  9. Seasons Of My Mind
  10. Framed

Smell The Flowers (1972)

Jerry Reed - Smell The Flowers

Smell The Flowers

  1. Smell The Flowers
  2. Don't Get Heavy
  3. Endless Miles Of Highway
  4. Take It Easy (In Your Mind)
  5. It Don't Work That Way
  6. If I Ever (Love Again)
  7. My Guitar And My Song
  8. Don't Let The Good Life Pass You By
  9. It Ain't Home, But It Ain't Bad
  10. Pave Your Way Into Tomorrow

Jerry Reed (1972)

Jerry Reed - Jerry Reed

Jerry Reed

  1. Miles Away From Home
  2. Almost Crazy
  3. You Made My Life A Song
  4. You're Young And You'll Forget
  5. Alabama Wild Man
  6. Misery Loves Company
  7. Time For Love
  8. Sunshine Day
  9. Huggin' And Chalkin'
  10. Careless Love

Hot A' Mighty! (1973)

Jerry Reed - Hot A' Mighty!

Hot A' Mighty!

  1. Goodnight, Irene
  2. Medley: The Promised Land/Johnny B. Goode/School Day (Ring, Ring! Goes The Bell)/Mabellene/Memphis, Tennessee
  3. Sweet Memories
  4. You Took All The Ramblin' Out Of Me
  5. Back Home In Georgia
  6. I'm Not Playing Games
  7. Nashville Woman
  8. Sixteen Tons
  9. Caribbean
  10. I Just Don't Understand

Lord, Mr. Ford (1973)

Jerry Reed - Lord, Mr. Ford

Lord, Mr. Ford

  1. Lord, Mr. Ford
  2. Folsom Prison Blues
  3. Rainbow Ride
  4. Two-Timin'
  5. That Lucky Old Sun (Just Rolled Around Heaven All Day)
  6. You Can't Keep Me Here In Tennessee
  7. The Lady Is A Woman
  8. Pickie, Pickie, Pickie
  9. One Sweet Reason
  10. I'm Gonna Write A Song

The Uptown Poker Club (1973)

Jerry Reed - The Uptown Poker Club

The Uptown Poker Club

  1. The Uptown Poker Club
  2. Some Of These Days
  3. Everybody Has Those Kind Of Days
  4. Lay It On My Lady (What's On My Mind)
  5. It's Tough All Over
  6. Nobody
  7. Travelin' Music
  8. Honkin'
  9. You've Got It
  10. North To Chicago

A Good Woman's Love (1974)

Jerry Reed - A Good Woman's Love

A Good Woman's Love

  1. A Good Woman's Love
  2. Saint Louis Blues
  3. Oh Shenandoah
  4. Hurry Home
  5. Everybody Needs Someone
  6. Home Sweet Home Revisited
  7. Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms
  8. All Day Ride
  9. Mystery Train
  10. The Crude Oil Blues

Mind Your Love (1975)

Jerry Reed - Mind Your Love

Mind Your Love

  1. Mind Your Love
  2. City Of New Orleans
  3. Let's Sing Our Song
  4. The Telephone
  5. A Friend
  6. Lightning Rod
  7. Bad, Bad Leroy Brown
  8. Grab Bag
  9. When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again
  10. Struttin'

Red Hot Picker (1975)

Jerry Reed - Red Hot Picker

Red Hot Picker

  1. You Got A Lock On Me
  2. The Boogie King
  3. Lovin' Someone
  4. Little Things
  5. Bake
  6. Papa's Knee
  7. The Coin Machine
  8. Red Hot Picker
  9. Reedology
  10. To Love You

Both Barrels (1976)

Jerry Reed - Both Barrels

Both Barrels

  1. Alabama Jubilee
  2. Remembering
  3. Kentucky
  4. Miller's Cave
  5. Last Train
  6. Gator
  7. Pointer's Rock
  8. Oklahoma Sunshine
  9. Good For Him
  10. Rooster Jones

Jerry Reed Rides Again (1977)

Jerry Reed - Jerry Reed Rides Again

Jerry Reed Rides Again

  1. The Bully Of The Town
  2. It's My Time
  3. We've Called It Everything Else
  4. Somethin' Bout You Baby I Like
  5. Right String But The Wrong Yo Yo
  6. With His Pants In His Hands
  7. The Phantom Of The Opry
  8. Semolita
  9. So Fine
  10. (I'm Just A) Redneck In A Rock And Roll Bar

East Bound And Down (1977)

Jerry Reed - East Bound And Down

East Bound And Down

  1. East Bound And Down
  2. Lightning Rod
  3. The Bandit
  4. Bake
  5. The Legend
  6. Framed
  7. You Took All The Ramblin' Out Of Me
  8. Rainbow Ride
  9. Just To Satisfy You
  10. Don't Think Twice It's All Right

Live! (1979)

Jerry Reed - Live!


  1. Introduction
  2. It's Got to Come Out
  3. I Wan-Na Go Back Home to Georgia (Aka Little Things)
  4. (Who Was the Man Who Put) the Line in Gasoline
  5. Hot Stuff
  6. Nine Pound Hammer
  7. I Crapped Myself Into the Poorhouse
  8. El Paso
  9. May the Bird of Paradise Fly up Your Nose
  10. I'm Your Guitar
  11. Guitar Man
  12. East Bound and Down

Jerry Reed Sings Jim Croce (1980)

Jerry Reed - Jerry Reed Sings Jim Croce

Jerry Reed Sings Jim Croce

  1. Workin' at the Car Wash Blues
  2. One Less Set of Footsteps
  3. You Don't Mess Around with Jim
  4. I Got a Name
  5. Time in a Bottle
  6. Age
  7. I'll Have to Say I Love You in a Song
  8. The Hard Way Every Time
  9. Bad, Bad Leroy Brown
  10. Careful Man

Texas Bound And Flyin' (1980)

Jerry Reed - Texas Bound And Flyin'

Texas Bound And Flyin'

  1. Texas Bound And Flyin'
  2. That's The Chance I'll Have To Take
  3. East Bound And Down
  4. If Love's Not Around The House
  5. Sugar Foot Rag
  6. Caffeine, Nicotine, Benzedrine (And Wish Me Luck)
  7. Concrete Sailor
  8. Semi-Happy
  9. Detroit City
  10. The Friendly Family Inn

Dixie Dreams (1981)

Jerry Reed - Dixie Dreams

Dixie Dreams

  1. Bayou Woman
  2. Good Friends Make Good Lovers
  3. Love Me Tonight
  4. Rhythm and Blues
  5. Dixie Dreams
  6. The Testimony Of Soddy Hoe
  7. One Way Rider
  8. Hooray For Chuck Berry
  9. The Devil Went Down To Georgia
  10. Dreaming Fairytales

The Bird (1982)

Jerry Reed - The Bird

The Bird

  1. Down On The Corner
  2. Hard Times
  3. I Want To Love You Right
  4. Good-Time Saturday Night
  5. The Bird
  6. Whiskey River
  7. On The Road Again
  8. He Stopped Loving Her Today
  9. Red River
  10. I'm A Slave
  11. I'm In Love With Loving You
  12. I Get Off On It
  13. She Got The Goldmine (I Got The Shaft)

Flyin' High (1995)

Jerry Reed - Flyin' High

Flyin' High

  1. If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It
  2. You're Lookin' Good
  3. Diggin' Up Bones (Tryin' Stuff On)
  4. F-16 Monologue
  5. Introduction To The Bird
  6. The Bird
  7. Blindsided Me
  8. (Intro) I Wish I Hadn't Done It My Way
  9. I Wish I Hadn't Done It My Way
  10. Bassin' Bubba
  11. (Intro) If It Ain't Broke
  12. If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It

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  1. Mystery Train
  2. Kiss an Angel Good Mornin'
  3. Pretty Mary Sunlight

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