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Instructions (Interlude)

This song is by Jermaine Dupri and appears on the album Instructions (2001).

Hi, I'm Johnny Hoe, and welcome to the 10 step program instructions to the game. Right from the begning, I need to say that this is a very detail look at the game. It is not intended for the beginner or the non-serious player, but rather, is for someone that is really entraine to improve their game and it serious about being a baller or a big time player. Be careful, and make sure that you're just working on the based concepts at first, because right from the star you're going to learn how to deal with haters, money, hoes and power. It's wells hear about things that can get an innexperience player fucked up the game. So remember, play close attention, and I repeat, do not over do it.

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