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The Last Battle - The Eagle And The Hawk

This song is by Jeff Wayne and appears on the album Jeff Wayne's Musical Version Of Spartacus (1992).

The sky grew light but still no answer from Spartacus. The figures appeared in the open plain between the armies. They raised a cross with a captured Roman soldier nailed to the wood. Suddenly a flame leapt up and fire consumed the cross and its wretched victim. This was their answer: defiance and death.

My friends, now we must fight as never before. See, here stands my own horse! With my sword I slay him! If I die today, I shall find him again. If I live, I shall ride the horse of Marcus Crassus.

It was now clear day and we could see the enemy massing for battle. I drew up my men and gave my orders, intending at first to wait for the slaves' attack. But in the plain between us embers of that burnt cross still glowed their defiance. Anger gripped me, I ordered the trumpets to sound the advance.

As the two armies joined battle, it seemed at first we would never break their line. My soldiers fought with the cold skill of trained legionaries, but our enemies were like madmen, in love with danger and death. Gradually though, the weight of our numbers told. They had no reserves, I could throw in legion after fresh legion.

Send all your legions, Crassus! Send every Roman from the four corners of the world! Let them serve you if they will, but we are the wild beasts you cannot tame and we shall never serve you again.

Now, Spartacus, you weaken and your line gives way. Now, Thracian slave, you are beaten at last. Now, arrogant gladiator, you must bow your neck to your master. I turn my thumb down on you. My verdict is death - for you and every slave that follows you.

For a moment he forced his way desperately toward me. Two Centurions barred his passage and then he was down.

Now my soldiers surrounded him, fallen to one knee he was still striking blow for blow with his sword.

At last like a cornered beast in the arena Spartacus was overwhelmed and sank out of sight.

The Hawk's on the wing,
And in a world of such insanity,
I fight in the name of humanity,
And I want only one thing,
To be free again,
Yes the Hawk's on the wing,
And I will live by both cunning and claw,
Till above them, Lord, in freedom I'll soar.
Once more!

Once more!

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