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Epilogue (Part One)

This song is by Jeff Wayne and appears on the album Jeff Wayne's Musical Version Of Spartacus (1992).

Jugula, Jugula! Jugula, Jugula!
Jugula, Jugula! Jugula, Jugula!

The beast roared and the crowd roared! Twenty thousand people cramming the amphitheatre at Capua. A feverish sea of humanity, lusting for blood and death in the circus of carnage. As the gladiators entered the arena, my thoughts go back to that day almost three years ago. Today there is no proud Thracian with his hawk-like nose and burning eyes.

I, Marcus Crassus, broke him and I saved Rome. Today the triumphant shouts of the crowd are for me alone. The voices of Spartacus and all his followers are silenced - forever!

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