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The Forest

This song is by Jeff Ament and appears on the album Tone (2008).

I'm at the point where turning the other cheek don't go
Can't sit and watch fat cats with no regard, slapping backs
Time to take a stand, not one of you is coming back
I'm in the park where memories pepper me
The birds are pissed
Time to take a stand, nothing falls in the cracks
Waiting for the hole in the sky
I'm on the street searching for a watch that'll turn back time
A piece of meat, a number on a list, your permanent record
Time to take my hand, holding on to all that's left
Waiting for the fallen to die
Waiting for you
Unlucky tree, surrounded by concrete, shaded by steel
My only friend shows his love by pissing on me
Time to take a stand before it's gone make 'em see it's our world
Waiting for the falling sky
Waiting for you
Don't fuck with my church.

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