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Poor Butterfly

This song is by Jeanine Tesori.

That Miss Dorothy
Great Scot, that Miss Dorothy
Pretty as a peach and skin to beat the band
Perfect little pippin

What a dandy little bundle for a fella to cuddle
Say, imagine all that sweet softness in your arms, uh? Ah

Yes, well I'll type up this survey report
Right away then, Mr. Graydon
Original in five?

Don't forget the dinner reservation at the Plaza
Candle-nook Room, quiet corner table for two
I think Miss Dorothy's for the Plaza, don't you?
And John, flowers

There's a florist just around the corner
From the hotel, I'll order from them
That's usin' the old bean, John, roses
Pink, plump, long stemmed, two dozen in a vase

Poor butterfly, needs the blossoms waiting
Poor butterfly, for she loved him so

Plaza Hotel, please, Candle-nook Room

The moments pass into hours, the hours pass into years

Candle-nook Room?
Mr. Trevor Graydon would like to order a quiet, corner table for two
Tonight, seven thirty, thank you

And as she smiles through her tears, she murmurs low
The moon and I know that he be faithful
I know he come to me by and by

Flowerbox, please

But if he don't come back
Then I never sigh or cry

Mr. Trevor Graydon would like to order some roses
Two dozen, long stemmed, pink, on the fat side

I just must die
Poor butterfly


Written by:

John Golden; Raymond Hubbell

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