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Jockey Blues

This song is by Jazz Gillum and appears on the compilation album Jazz Gillum Vol. 1 1936-1938 (1993) and on the compilation Broke, Black & Blue (1999).

My gal, she's a jockey, and she learned me how to ride
And she learned me how to park it on the side

She cooked good cabbage and she called them turnip greens
Them's the best old bunch of green that I've ever seen

I wish, the Lord, would move (?) hang'em up high
So I wouldn't be bothered with those (?) when she died

Come here, pretty mama, take your daddy by the hand
I'm gonna give you somethin' that you can't get from no other man

Don't the sun look mighty pretty, honey, shinin' through the trees
Don't your house look lonesome when your baby pack your rags and leave

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