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I'm A Hustler

This song is by Jay-Z.

(Feat. Cassidy)

I'm a hustler, I'm a hustler homey
I got the product, narcotics for customers homey
Feins open they be smoking like a muffler homey
Niggas phoney so I only got a couple of homey
If you a hustler I could, I could fuck wit you homey
You spend a couple of bucks I stay in touch with you homey
I get money I get 20 to K I got 20 strip although I'm 20 today
I get cake from buds and haze I'm making dubs
They hating 'cause I'm on the grind like I'm making love
With cops got the block hot like a jamaican club
Cop wait, wait for a droute then I make a fllod
Try to take my cake you gone take a slug
But you can take my information if you taking drugs
'Cause I can sell raid to a bug
I'm a hustler I can sell salt to a slug

I'm a hustler, I'm a I'm a hustler homey
I'm a hustler, I'm a I'm a hustler homey
Nigga ask about me n*gga n*gga ask about me

Married to the game, same bride just a new dru
I do more then just do to
Cause my bills come in to soon, my son gone be two soon
Royalty check come in like once in a bluemoon
But I'm getting my doe for doing shows
I made more money on the grind then on the road
That's why I stay fly and flying on hoes
Car's are so cool, Aston no shoes
Just a rubberband on my risk no jewels
I ain't got to prove I'm rich, I'm a fool
I know the rules I ain't got time for it
And they will hateyou deal with the real cake
And they on the corner
From morning to real late
I deal weight and if you bastards dought me
I'm a hustler ask about, ask about me

Yeah they made you got saved don't be spend the cahnge
In fifth grade I was hustling my genesis game
I was dumb young selling chew gum to my classmate
On the cash chase moving at a fast pace
Never been a dummy never did what the dummies do
So I had a mill to burn before I turned 22
More money, more problem is true cause the more money
I make the more problem for you
Yeah I used dude voice props to the boy sean
He made it a hot line I made a hot song
So stop drawing man you got to respect it
I'm the best swizz got to perfected don't mess with
C-A-double S-I-D-Ycause I became the best when B-I-G died
The kid do it big like P-U-N cuse
I'm nice P-A-C with the P-E-N

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