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Beware of the Boyz

This song is by Jay-Z.

Soon as the beat drop, we got the streets locked
Overseas, the Panjabi MC and the Roc
I came to see the mamis in the spot
On the count of three, drop your body like it's hot
1, Young, 2, 1,2,3
Young Hov's a snake charmer, move your body like a snake mama
Make me wanna put the snake on ya
I'm on my 8th summer, still hot -- Young's the 8th wonder
All I do is get bread, yeah I take Wonder
I take one of your chicks straight from under your armpit
The black Brad Pitt, I mack 'til six in the AM
All day I'm P-I-M-P, I am simply
Attached to the track like SMPTE
It's simply good, Young Hov, infinitely hood

R.O.C, and you don't stop
Panjabi MC, and you don't stop
Nigga, NYC and we don't stop
It's the Roc, it's the Roc

R.O.C, and we don't stop
Panjabi MC, and we don't stop
It's ya boy Jay-Z, and we don't stop
Nigga, R.O.C, and we won't stop

Ma, I ain't gotta tell you, but it's ya boy Hov
From the U.S., you just lay down slow
Catch ya boy mingling England, meddling the Netherlands
Checking in daily under aliases
We rebellious, we back home, screaming, "Leave Iraq alone!"
But all my soldiers in the field, I will wish you safe return
But only love kills war when will they learn
It's international Hov, been having a flow
Before Bin Laden got Manhattan to blow
Before Ronald Reagan got Manhattan the blow
Before I was cabbing it there back and forth
Raw we had it all day, Papi in the hallway
Cop one on consignment to give you more yay
Yea, but that's another stor-ay
But for now, mami, turn it around and let the boy play (Jay)

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