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Water (Live)

This song is by Jason Mraz.

Anybody got a like a couch I can sleep on when I come down here?
That'd be cool. Sign a little list, sign up say 'I have couch.'... 'I am nineteen.'
(Laughing) Oh, that was dirty.
No, don't put your age on there. I only stay with married people
Or girls who have boyfriends. That way I just stay out of their trouble.
Sorry. Or hope for the three-way, whatever works. (I knew that was comin')
It's good to see you down here though, thank for comin'. I'll even give you
The oldschool introduction.

There used to be stores in New York where you could actually go and
Buy whatever you needed. A little of this, a little of that.
Which is why I didn't do so well in school. Then we
Learned about the delivery service, which was even cooler, we didn't
Have to leave the apartment. They were there faster than pizza.

So we'd go up the rooftops, and we'd look out into the city, and you
Could see the different windows flashing so you knew who was
Watching who... on TV
And through the buildings you could see the Hudson
That we tried to fish in one time, but we didn't have any luck. Yeah,
He caught a condom which was kinda...
Billy used to trip out. Billy used to play the Jimbay. His was a dunebag (?)
They call it. He'd get all into it... and I know... far away

They eye of the storm
Meets the eye of the mind
Sendin' it spinnin'.
The eye of the mind
Blushes in lust of all the answers oh oh oh
See eye, of the mind, blushes
In lust of all the answers.
For years of tears oh years in fear.

Oh the bitter water, oh my god, satiated
And always covered in salt, keeping me afloat.
And it's always it's movin' me along.
Movin' me along
When I can see everything, I can see everything-eh
I can see through buildings.
All the shattered lives,
And all them so-called battered wives.
And everybody's hypnotized by the dancing light.
TV set makin' everybody go blind.

And I can see everything-eh
I can see through you-ooh oh love love love love love
I can see through you-do oh love love love love
When I look inside I know ooh-ooh
What it's all about.
'Cause you are livin' in a fantasy world, takin' your time
Runnin' your mind oh-low-ooh
You are livin' in a fantasy land, holdin' nobody's hand
But your own.
See I-- and I can see everything-eh

One drop of rain, that's me.
And the rest is you.
Who shook these trees?
Let me guess, did they come in two's?
(Oh yes they did)

See now oh when you're dealing with
The fruits of the universe. (luv)
Well you shake that apple tree,
And life deals you an orange,
And either way, either way you're cursed.
Don't make it a turn for the worst.

Oh the bitter water, oh, satiated
And always covered in salt, it's keeping me afloat.
Love-a-duh love-a-duh
It's keeping me afloat, la la
It's always movin' me along
And I can see everything everything
Everything everything everything
Everything everything everything everything

Said it's keepin' me on top of top of the water,
Keepin' me on top of the world.
Keepin' me on top, I'm lookin' out
Just to see what everything is all about.
'Cause I know where it is, just don't know
Exactly what it is.
See I think I know where it is
Where it is, where it is.
Just don't know exactly what the hel* it is.

But it's where the heart is, it's where the heart is.
It's where it all started oh luh, oh
It's where the heart is, it's where the heart is
It's where it all started oh luh oh luh


It's come a long way huh?

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