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Sold Out

This song is by Jason Mraz and appears on the live album Sold Out (In Stereo) (2002).

The Jackson Five
Was a favorite of mine at the time
(Don't blame it on the sunshine)
The east-west village
Is best when the jazz is light
(Don't blame it on the moonlight)
I played on the subway lines
Number one and the nine,
(Don't blame it on the good times)
Strawberry Fields already had yielded the sign
That Michael Jackson owned Beatles' rights

Lights out, moved out of the big apple city
Time out, no doubt, you know the drive was pretty obscene
'Vert to Plan B, back home with family,
Mechanicsville is misery
Except for all o' that Andy's barbeque
That you can chew,
The misses of the fear knows,(?) the brunswick stew

What do you do now that you're back in your room?
And what are all the people gonna think of you?
Well I knew what I was gonna be at home to do,
For the next three years waiting for my cue
I'd be working on the songs for the whole world to sing
And I been jerkin' you along to take a ride with me
By brushin' up my scat and blues phat jazz chords
Break dance pad on the hard wood floorboard
Slappin' them hands on the child hood headboard
Romance, sure, lord, I'm 20 years forlorn

Born as a cancer child who could wail, man,
Deliverin' the goods because my daddy is a mailman,
Mommy was a banker, her only drank the sanka,
Sista was a taker, so maybe we should thank her
For stealin' the scene that helped me get it started,
I think that all the genes that she absorbed was all retarded
And maybe she's invested in me once or maybe twice
But I guess that's best because it kinda broke the ice

For us old clockin those janitorial nights
I paid the price to rock nights for a life behind the mike
MCs around me my best friends found me
I never liked to be just another out of town G,
Respectfully, see I'd be down on my knees
Spellin' C-A-L-L-A-T-T
Please please with the eva save-a-lot
Because who's the boss is a show I crave a lot
But you gotta take a break from the old school
Gotta set a date with the real you
And ya gotta stay away from all that new school too
'Cause there's a lot that you can say about the just plain truth
Or consequences, they never will fool me
I'm mixing up the sentences in case you want to do me
I got one ready for your ass if you'll excuse me
I'm Jason Mraz and I just plain blame it on the boogie

I'm gonna blame it on the boogie
I'm gonna blame it on the boogie
Boogie boogie

(Toca Rivera introduction)

You're never gonna guess
Where I've been been been
And I have no regrets
That I bet my whole checking account
Because it all amounts to nothing up in the end

Well you can only count on the road again
We'll soon be on the radio dial
And I been payin' close attention to the Willie Nelson style
Like a band of gypsies on the highway while
I'm one man pushin' on the California skyline drive
Up the coast MC brag the most
I'm pickin' up my pace and makin' time like space ghost
Raising a toast to the highway patrol with the most
I've got my cruise control on coast from Farmville to Memphis
Graceland and grace fans (?)
Little rock oklahoma city to the heartland of Texas
Don't mess with the Lone Star, man
My defenses can't rest, I can't handle the pan
So it's off to the land of enchantment to camp it
Albuquerque, Roswell, Santa Fe to stamp it
Send a postcard just the way that I planned
And say I'm on spring break because they won't understand
That I'll never be back to the town of my mother
Messing around with the sound that Virginia is for lovers
Lover lover what what lover number one just made the cut
Leavin' on the greyhound bus
Oh baby leavin' on a jet plane
Never knowing when it's gonna be back again
San Diego is where I plan to stay
Until I move to L.A...

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