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Album by Jarrod Alonge.
Jarrod Alonge - Beating a Dead Horse (Deluxe Ultra-Limited Exclusive Undead Edition)

(Deluxe Ultra-Limited Exclusive Undead Edition)

  • All songs are performed under parody aliases
  1. The Swimmer by Amidst the Grave's Demons
  2. Love Me Back by Sunrise Skater Kids (featuring Cody Carson of Set It Off)
  3. Unbreakable by Chewed Up
  4. Save My Life by Amidst the Grave's Demons
  5. Inconceivable Somatic Defecation by Vermicide Violence (featuring Jared Dines)
  6. Take It Easycore by Sunrise Skater Kids
  7. Bite the Curb by Chewed Up
  8. Misogyneric by Amidst the Grave's Demons (featuring Mattie Montgomery of For Today)
  9. Pop Punk Pizza Party by Sunrise Skater Kids (featuring Dave Days)
  10. The Distance Between You and Me Is Longer Than the Title of This Song by Canadian Softball
  11. I'm So Scene 2.0 by Amidst the Grave's Demons (featuring Johnny Franck of Attack Attack!)
  12. Cosmic Metaphysical Verisimilitude by Rectangles (featuring Mike Semesky of Raunchy)
  13. 2 Freaky 4 da Club by $wagCh0de
  14. Hey Jarrod, What's That Song Again? by Amidst the Grave's Demons
  15. Goodbye Baltimore (The Flute Song) by Sunrise Skater Kids
Deluxe Ultra-Limited Exclusive Undead Edition
  1. Pray for Progress by Vermicide Violence
  2. Brevé Canzoné by Canadian Softball
  3. Waifu by Rectangles (featuring Drewsif Stalin)
  4. First World Tragedy by Sunrise Skater Kids
  5. 2 Warped 4 da Remix by $wagch0de
  6. Suck My 401k by Amidst the Grave's Demons (featuring Chris Linck of Attila)

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