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The Raid

This song is by Jameson Raid and appears on the EP End Of Part One (1980) and on the compilation album Just as the Dust Had Settled (2010).

Let me take you back in history to 1895
To the land where men who dug for gold
Could only just survive
The natives made it hard for them
With their rules they made them pay
And so begins the story
Of the raid

The British did not like to say they though it wasn't fair
So secretly sent over troops whose job was to declare
A war against the people and a war against the state
And god help any man who cried death would be his fate
From the raid

So Dr. Jim and all his men were waiting for the wire
Three times they told him do not shoot told him not to fire
But later on he got things wrong as he
Scratched his double chin he ordered his men
Forward while drinkin' on their gin
And men with liquor in their heads you know
They just can't fight for the raid

Who was wrong and who was right was never ever clear
Mistakes were made and lives were lost and no one sheds a tear
So remember when you leave tonight protected by the law
That the raid lives on inside this band so bolt your fuckin' door
From the raid you'd better lock your door
You'd better bolt it too


Written by:

Terry Dark; Ian Smith; John Ace; Phil Kimberley

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