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I Can Dream Of You

This song is by James Taylor and appears on the single Shower The People (1976).

This song is a cover of "I Can Dream of You" by Livingston Taylor.
I wake up in the morning
I walk out on the street
And my face lights up with all the smiles
Of all the friends I meet
And my life's almost complete
'Cause I can dream of you

And I don't feel no heartache
And I don't feel no pain
And I don't feel all those angry souls
That are standing in the rain
And my life's peaceful once again
'Cause I can dream of you

Then I wake myself up
I take a look around
And there's not much I can say
No one's here to say it to, why anyway
La la la la la
La la la la

My day and night
They're just about the same
I think I'll just call them gray
But I think of you
And the sun breaks through
And I'm glad to live my life this way

You're so understanding
So gentle and serene
And I swear you've got the sweetest eyes
That I've ever seen
And I pray that I may never lose
A single dream of you

Lord knows that I'll be in for hard times
Pain will know my soul
And the wind is blowing from the North
And it comes down so cold
I know never will I lose all hope
'Cause I can dream of you

I know never will I lose all hope
'Cause I can dream of you

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