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Days Of Our Lives (2004)

James Otto - Days Of Our Lives

Days Of Our Lives

  1. Long Way Down
  2. Gone
  3. Misspent Youth
  4. Miss Temptation
  5. Sunday Morning And Saturday Night
  6. Song Of The Violin
  7. She Knows
  8. Days Of Our Lives
  9. The Last Thing I Do
  10. The Ball
  11. Lowdown On The Highlife
  12. Never Say Goodbye

Sunset Man (2008)

James Otto - Sunset Man

Sunset Man

  1. Ain't Gonna Stop
  2. Just Got Started Lovin' You
  3. For You
  4. These Are The Good Ole Days
  5. Where Angels Hang Around
  6. Sunset Man
  7. You Don't Act Like My Woman
  8. When A Woman's Not Watching
  9. Drink & Dial
  10. Damn Right
  11. The Man That I Am

Shake What God Gave Ya (2010)

James Otto - Shake What God Gave Ya

Shake What God Gave Ya

  1. Are Ya With Me
  2. Groovy Little Summer Song
  3. Lover Man
  4. Soldiers & Jesus
  5. Love Don't Cost a Thing
  6. Sun Comes 'Round Again
  7. Shake What God Gave Ya
  8. It's a Good Time (For a Good Time)
  9. Just Like Sunshine
  10. Let's Just Let Go
  11. She Comes to Me
  12. Good Thing's Gone Bad

Other Songs

  1. Beast On The Mic
  2. Don't You Think This Outlaw Bit's Done Got Out Of Hand
  3. Good Ol' Days
  4. I Don't Wanna Wish I Had
  5. I Just Got Started Loving You
  6. Into The Mystic
  7. Lowdown On The High Life
  8. Man That I Am
  9. Since You Brought It Up

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