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It's Your Night (1983)

James Ingram - It's Your Night

It's Your Night

  1. Party Animal
  2. Yah Mo B There (with Michael McDonald)
  3. She Loves Me (The Best That I Can Be)
  4. Try Your Love Again
  5. Whatever We Imagine
  6. One More Rhythm
  7. There's No Easy Way
  8. It's Your Night
  9. How Do You Keep the Music Playing?

Never Felt So Good (1986)

James Ingram - Never Felt So Good

Never Felt So Good

  1. Always
  2. Never Felt So Good
  3. Red Hot Lover
  4. Lately
  5. The Wings Of My Heart
  6. Trust Me
  7. Tuff
  8. Say Hey
  9. Love's Been Here And Gone
  10. Right Back
  11. Crazy

It's Real (1989)

James Ingram - It's Real

It's Real

  1. It's Real
  2. I Wanna Come Back
  3. Call On Me
  4. So Fine
  5. Love Come Down
  6. Baby Be Mine
  7. (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Man
  8. Love 1 Day At A Time
  9. I Don't Have The Heart
  10. Someday We'll All Be Free
  11. When Was The Last Time Music Made You Cry

Power Of Great Music (1991)

James Ingram - Power Of Great Music

Power Of Great Music

  1. Where Did My Heart Go?
  2. How Do You Keep The Music Playing?
  3. Just Once
  4. Somewhere Out There
  5. I Don't Have The Heart
  6. There's No Easy Way
  7. Get Ready
  8. Baby, Come To Me
  9. One Hundred Ways
  10. Yah Mo B There (with Michael McDonald)
  11. Remember The Dream
  12. Whatever We Imagine

Always You (1993)

James Ingram - Always You

Always You

  1. Someone Like You
  2. Let Me Love You This Way
  3. Always You
  4. Treat Her Right
  5. A Baby's Born
  6. This Is The Night
  7. You Never Know What You Got
  8. Too Much For This Heart
  9. Sing For The Children
  10. Any Kind Of Love

Stand (In the Light) (2008)

James Ingram - Stand (In The Light)

Stand (In the Light)

  1. Stand (In the Light)
  2. Don't Let Go
  3. Blessed Assurance
  4. Mercy
  5. Beneath The Snow
  6. Everything Must Change
  7. Yah Mo B There (with Michael McDonald)
  8. Everlast
  9. No Place Like Home
  10. For All We Know


Other Songs

  1. Better Way
  2. I Believe I Can Fly
  3. My Funny Valentine
  4. So This Is Love
  5. The Day I Fall In Love
  6. Wish You Were Here

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