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I Don't Know

This song is by James Brown and appears on the album Please Please Please (1959).

Oh I don't know ...

Yes tell me baby
Whatever I did wrong
When I left pretty baby
Did I stay too long
You said I, I don't know

Now baby why did you put me down
I didn't think there was anybody
Who could take my place when I was around
I tried to do my best
As nice as I could
But still you insist
I didn't do what I should
Now you just can't make a fool of everybody
'Cause at the end
Somebody gonna double cross you
Gonna be your best friend
One thing's for sure
Was wherever you go
You can always say
I don't know

I don't know

Yes tell me baby
Was it my best friend
That loved you when I left
And you keep lovin' him 'til the end
You said I,...
I don't know
I don't know

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