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Master of the Game (1989)

James "J.T." Taylor - Master of the Game

Master of the Game

  1. Sister Rosa
  2. 8 Days a Week
  3. The House That Jack Built
  4. Bring Back the Night
  5. Master of the Game
  6. Kiss My Face
  7. Lay Awake at Night
  8. Girl You're Mine Now
  9. Romancia
  10. All I Want Is Forever (with Regina Belle)
  11. The Promised Land

Feel the Need (1991)

James "J.T." Taylor - Feel the Need

Feel the Need

  1. Long Hot Summer Night
  2. Feel the Need
  3. Work with Me
  4. Follow Me
  5. Let's Make Love (Like There's No Tomorrow)
  6. Heart to Heart (with Stephanie Mills)
  7. That's My Girl
  8. Twice
  9. The Way That You Love Me
  10. One Night
  11. The Power of Love
  12. Be My Lover Tonight

Baby I'm Back (1993)

James "J.T." Taylor - Baby I'm Back

Baby I'm Back

  1. Baby I'm Back
  2. Love Thing
  3. Next 2 U
  4. Dreamin'
  5. You've Got the Flavor
  6. Prove My Love
  7. Some Kind of Woman
  8. I Wanna Know
  9. Under My Wings
  10. Feel the Need
  11. Baby I'm Back (Acapiano Version)

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James "J.T." Taylor is a performance name for James Warren Taylor.

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