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Seeing Things (2008)

Jakob Dylan - Seeing Things

Seeing Things

  1. Evil Is Alive And Well
  2. Valley Of The Low Sun
  3. All Day And All Night
  4. Everybody Pays As They Go
  5. Will It Grow
  6. I Told You I Couldn't Stop
  7. War Is Kind
  8. Something Good This Way Comes
  9. On Up The Mountain
  10. This End Of The Telescope

Women + Country (2010)

Jakob Dylan - Women + Country

Women + Country

  1. Nothing but the Whole Wide World
  2. Down on Our Own Shield
  3. Lend a Hand
  4. We Don't Live Here Anymore
  5. Everybody's Hurting
  6. Yonder Come the Blues
  7. Holy Rollers for Love
  8. Truth for a Truth
  9. They've Trapped Us Boys
  10. Smile When You Call Me That
  11. Standing Eight Count
Bonus track on Japan release
  1. Ain't No Invisible Man

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  • b.1969

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Jakob Dylan is a performance name for Jakob Luke Dylan.

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1987 - present

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