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Jagged Edge Remix Run Dmc

This song is by Jagged Edge.

Rap part
Wut's goin' on-
All across the seas?
It ain't nothin',
I ain't forntin,
Shortay commin wit me,
Now I already dun gave you
Da keyz 2 da range,
N yer last name bout 2 change,
Now you mrs. simmons,
Gotta betta livin',
I wanna do the right thang,
Used tob the snake type,
Hangin' out late night,
Girl youdun make me change my life,
Ever since you met me,
Keyz 2 da bently,
Now they kall you da preacherz wife,
I'm the type a guy dat'll take you out 'n' buy dat ring
Wit da rock dat'll break yer arm,
Playa's wont try dat,
Now yooh kant deni dat,
We gonna rap this all night long

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