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The Deviant Chord

This song is by Jag Panzer and appears on the album The Deviant Chord (2017).

Candles light these empty words spoken of my past
A dreamy and forgotten time
When all my dreams were clear as glass

Sadness paints darkened colors of all my days gone by
The tearful shards of what remains this man
And his shattered life shattered life

A distant bell ring out its tone a warning of end of days
Chills my soul deep down inside no return to yesterdays
Its droning tone reminds me
How predictable my life's become
Every day just like the last takes a toll my brain is numb

Tell me how to change my life tell me what to do
Teach me how life is good tell me what to see in me

On and on this song plays on each note sounds the same
Striking a chord within my soul causing life to drain
When this opus finally ends will its chime ring sweet?
'Cause us all to make amends repent our ways
Bring it to an end

Conductor of this symphony what others dream as life?
Each note rings out a glimpse of truth
Guide me to the afterlife

Sing to me oh heavenly ones let me hear your song
Ringing true within my heart turning rights from wrong
Sing my song for all to hear and turn from evil ways
This deviant life we all have lived
Now changed for future sake

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