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Salacious Behaviour

This song is by Jag Panzer and appears on the album The Deviant Chord (2017).

Show me the way, Show me the path
Show me beyond the door
I arm the dark, I am the fear, I am the place you won't go

Let loose the tiger break the chains
Let loose the monster inside again and again and again
Let's start a fire from deep within
Let's start a raging inferno let's call it sin!

Control yourself
Control your mind
Control your situation
Take the lead, Take the horns
Take whatever you can
Shatter your dreams, Shatter the wall
Shatter the vision you see
Let go of yourself, Let go of it all
Let go and let it all be

Scream with pleasure, scream with fear
Scream for your very life
Scratch your name, scratch my back
Scratch on the floor as your crawl
Sweat with fear, sweat with pleasure
Sweat run down your back
Tell me you love it, tell me you need it
Tell me again and again

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