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This song is by Jag Panzer and appears on the album The Deviant Chord (2017).

Awaken the monster inside me awaken and let it go forth
Into these nations before me I'll fly!
The shadow that's lurking behind you
Darkness you fell deep inside
Churning and boiling inside you I'll win!

A tyrant overlord eyes you can't resist
Lusting of the flesh more for my black list

Stalking the alleys to find you
Sensing hot breath on your neck
The chill up your spine will bind you you're next!
Resisting will only bring torment
A torment you cannot resist
Striking with terrible fury iron fist!

Alone in the darkness I'll find you awaiting the terrible kiss
Begging for mercy I bind you the bliss!
Cold steel awakens your senses shivering all up your spine
Tremble with fear let it take you You're mine!

A tyrant overlord seduce you with a kiss
Lusting for the flesh a taste you can't resist
Takes you in his gaze grabs you by the wrist
Draws your name in blood the last on my black list!

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