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Hold Out

This song is by Jackson Browne and appears on the album Hold Out (1980).

Baby, I guess you know my story.
Baby, I guess you've heard my side.
Seems I've traded love for glory,
But I'm still not satisfied.
Livin' all the years,
All the cries and cheers,
Don't amount to much more than pride.
Take my love for you, take tomorrow too,
There's not much left inside.

How we laughed when we first knew love,
Singing dum de lum de lie
I taught you how to see light through love,
And I taught you how to fly.
Though I must've known
How easily love is thrown,
I took some chances, I don't know why.
There's not much you can do,
Wish that I'd been true,
Darlin' so do I.

You better hold out,
Go on and hold out.
Go ahead and hold out,
What ya know love can be.
Move on and hold out,
Don't let your love get sold out.
Cause anyone that knows about it,
Babe that's me.

Dry your eyes
Can't forget the way I lied.
Time has seen you grow
Ya lived your life alone.
Though ya tried and tried,
Ya cried and cried


Written by:

Jackson Browne and David Lindley

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