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This song is by Jackson Browne and appears on the album Running on Empty (1977).

This song is a cover of "Cocaine Blues" by Reverend Gary Davis.
You take Sally, and I'll take Sue
There ain't no difference between the two
Cocaine... Runnin' all 'round my brain

Heading down Scott, turn up Main
Looking for that girl that sells cocaine
Cocaine... Runnin' all 'round my brain

Mmmm, Momma, come here quick
That old cocaine 'bout to make me sick
Cocaine... Runnin' all 'round my brain

Late last night, at about quarter past 4,
Ladanyi came knockin' down the hotel room door
"Where's the cocaine?". I said "It's runnin' all 'round my brain"

I was talkin' to my doctor down at the hospital
He said "Son it says here you're 27, but that's impossible"
Cocaine... "You look like you could be 45"

Now I'm losin' touch with reality,
And I'm almost out of blow
Such a fine line, I hate to see it go
Cocaine... Runnin' all 'round my brain

"Blood on the highway"
"Gotta take either more of it or less of it, I can't quite figure out which one"
"Yeah I tell you what it does takes... It takes a clear mind. That's what it takes"
"You mean it takes a clear mind to take it, or a clear mind not to take it?"
"It takes a clear mind to make it"


Written by:

Jackson Browne, Reverend Gary Davis, and Glenn Frey

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