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Breakin' It Up on The Beatles Tour! (1964)

Jackie DeShannon - Breakin' It up on the Beatles Tour!

Breakin' It Up on The Beatles Tour!

  1. Needles and Pins
  2. She Don't Understand Him Like I Do
  3. Should I Cry
  4. Did He Call Today, Mama?
  5. You Won't Forget Me
  6. Hold Your Head High
  7. When You Walk in the Room
  8. The Prince
  9. Oh, Boy!
  10. He's Got the Whole World in His Hands
  11. It's Love Baby (24 Hours a Day)
  12. Over You

This Is Jackie DeShannon (1965)

Jackie DeShannon - This Is Jackie DeShannon

This Is Jackie DeShannon

  1. What The World Needs Now Is Love
  2. Take Me Away
  3. Summertime
  4. Am I Making It Hard On You?
  5. Go On Your Way
  6. After Last Night
  7. A Lifetime of Loneliness
  8. Take Me Tonight
  9. Hellos and Goodbyes
  10. I'm Gonna Be Strong
  11. Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying
  12. I Remember the Boy

Are You Ready For This? (1966)

Jackie DeShannon - Are You Ready For This?

Are You Ready For This?

  1. I Can Make It With You
  2. Music And Memories
  3. Will You Love Me Tomorrow
  4. Are You Ready For This
  5. To Be Myself
  6. Love Is Leading Me
  7. Windows And Doors
  8. You Don't Have To Say You Love Me
  9. So Long Johnny
  10. To Wait For Love
  11. Call Me
  12. Find Me Love

New Image (1967)

Jackie DeShannon - New Image

New Image

  1. Come On Down (From The Top Of That Hill)
  2. The Carnival Is Closed Today
  3. I'll Be Seeing You
  4. A Sunday Kind Of Love
  5. The Wishing Doll
  6. Night And Day
  7. I Haven't Got Anything Better To Do
  8. Time
  9. A Proper Girl
  10. Where Does The Sun Go?
  11. That's The Name Of The Game
  12. Poor Someone

For You (1967)

Jackie DeShannon - For You

For You

  1. Don't Dream Of Anybody But Me
  2. When I Fall In Love
  3. It's All In The Game
  4. No Easy Way Down
  5. Dream
  6. If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody
  7. Are We Dancing?
  8. Changin' My Mind
  9. Merry Go Round In The Rain
  10. Think Of Rain
  11. Everything Under The Sun

Me About You (1968)

Jackie DeShannon - Me About You

Me About You

  1. Me About You
  2. I'm With You
  3. I Keep Wanting You
  4. Didn't Want To Have To Do It
  5. What Ever Happened To Happy
  6. Baby Close Its Eyes
  7. Music Man
  8. The Girl's Song
  9. Splendor In The Grass
  10. Nobody's Home To Go Home To
  11. Nicole
  12. High Coin
  13. I'll Turn To Stone

Laurel Canyon (1969)

Jackie DeShannon - Laurel Canyon

Laurel Canyon

  1. Laurel Canyon
  2. Sunshine Of Your Love
  3. Crystal Clear
  4. She's My Best Friend
  5. I Got My Reason
  6. Holly Would
  7. You've Really Got A Hold On Me
  8. The Weight
  9. Bitter Honey
  10. Come And Stay With Me
  11. L.A.
  12. Too Close

Put a Little Love in Your Heart (1969)

Jackie DeShannon - Put a Little Love in Your Heart

Put a Little Love in Your Heart

  1. Put a Little Love in Your Heart
  2. You Are the Real Thing
  3. River of Love
  4. Keep Me In Mind
  5. Mama's Song
  6. Movin'
  7. You Can Come to Me
  8. You Have a Way With Me
  9. I Let Go Completely
  10. Always Together
  11. Love Will Find a Way
  12. Live

To Be Free (1970)

Jackie DeShannon - To Be Free

To Be Free

  1. Livin' On The Easy Side
  2. What Was Your Day Like
  3. Child Of The Street
  4. Sooner Or Later
  5. Mediterranean Sky
  6. Medley: You Keep Me Hangin' On / Hurt So Bad
  7. It's So Nice
  8. Francoise
  9. When Morning Comes Again
  10. Brighton Hill
  11. Bird On The Wire

Songs (1971)

Jackie DeShannon - Songs


  1. Keep Me Warm
  2. Lay, Baby, Lay
  3. West Virginia Mine
  4. Show Me
  5. Down By The Riverside
  6. International
  7. Sunny Days
  8. Salinas
  9. Bad Water
  10. Ease Your Pain

New Arrangement (1975)

Jackie DeShannon - New Arrangement

New Arrangement

  1. Let the Sailors Dance
  2. Boat to Sail
  3. Sweet Baby Gene
  4. A New Arrangement
  5. Over My Head Again
  6. Bette Davis Eyes
  7. Queen of the Rodeo
  8. I Wanted It All
  9. Murphy
  10. Barefoot Boys And Barefoot Girls
  11. Dreamin' as One

Quick Touches (1978)

Jackie DeShannon - Quick Touches

Quick Touches

  1. You're So Good
  2. Baby Won't You Let Me Know
  3. Dangerous
  4. I Can't Stay Away
  5. Don't Let Go Of Me
  6. Things We Said Today
  7. Way Above The Angels
  8. Blue Street
  9. More Than A Trace
  10. Hearts On Fire

Songs on Compilations and Soundtracks

Other Songs

  1. All Night Desire
  2. And It Stoned Me
  3. Be Good Baby
  4. Breakaway
  5. Don't Turn Your Back On Me
  6. Faded Love
  7. Heaven Is Being With You
  8. Trust In Me

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