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Heart Quake

This song is by Jack Bruce and appears on the album Shadows in the Air (2001).

Take me with you
Where you're going to
Miss Lonely
Why drive wild
Into distance
Miss Lonely
Away from this bitter time
Dark winds crying

And I'll find the sun in your eyes
In your soul
The dawn will no more
See us break apart
Your love always wakes my heart
Shakes my heart

Take me down with you
Make me drown in you
Miss Lonely
Counting the hours to
To our rendezvous
Miss Lonely
So cool are the waters
Where the pain is softly dying

And I'll see no scars in the sky
For you and I
The dawn will no more
Hear us breaking apart
Your love always makes my heart
Shakes my heart


Written by:

Pete Brown, Jack Bruce

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