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The Wurm

This song is by Jack the Lad and appears on the album The Old Straight Track (1974).

Section I

There was a king in Bamburgh
And a better king you could not find
He had no wife but children two
Fair Margaret and bold Childe Wynd

When Childe Wynd grew to be a man
He sailed across the grey north sea
But Margaret she stayed at home
Nurse to her father for to be

But the king has taken him a wife
With skin as white as the driven snow
And hair as black as any coal
And eyes that were both cold and green

When she saw Lady Margaret
A rage has come into her mind
For she knows Margaret to be
The fairest maid in all the land

So she has cast a wicked spell
And Margaret has disappeared
For two long years they searched the land
But the fair princess cannot be found

And in a cave at Spindlestone
A fearsome dragon there was found
So poisonous was the demon's breath
That nought would grow for miles around

"God help us now" the servants cried
A brave man do we need to find
To strike this loathsome dragon down
Let us send for bold Childe Wynd

Section II

I'll sail with you back to Northumbria
Yes I'll do what I can do
'Cause I've been away for these five long years
And I'll do what I can do, I'll do what I can do

Oh make ready the sail and we'll put to sea
Sharpen up my sword and have it ready for me
'Cause I'm gonna be a hero for all the world to see
A dragon killer me, that's what I want to be

When at last he got to England's shore
Oh the mighty waves they forced him back to sea
'Cause the witch queen she has cast a wicked spell
It was a curse upon the sea, a curse upon the sea

Childe Wynd he's returned to the foreign lands
He has made his sails all of the finest silk
Oh he's shaped his mast out of a rowan tree
And he's put out to sea, yeah he's put out to sea

Oh the witch's curses cannot harm him now
Because his mast is of the rowan wood
And he's gone ashore in fair Northumbria
For to seek the dragon's blood, to seek the dragon's blood

Childe Wynd's found the dragon fast asleep under a hill
He has raised his mighty sword the monster for to kill
But the dragon woke and stared at him with a tear in each blue eye
And to Childe Wynd he did cry, to Childe Wynd he did cry

Section III

Put down your sword I beg of you
And kiss me three times do
For though I am a dragon fierce
No harm I'll do to you
Lay down your sword, lay down your sword
And give me kisses three
For if I'm not won by set of sun
Won I shall never be

Section IV

So Childe Wynd kissed the dragon once
And it began to sigh
And then he's kissed it once again
And a smile came to its eye
And when three times his deed was done
And the witch's curse was spent
Oh the fearsome dragon vanished
Leaving Lady Margaret


Back to their home together
The witch queen they would find
One final task to kill the witch
Is left to bold Childe Wynd
He's searched inside the castle walls
And all the lands around
But she has turned into a toad
Never to be found


Written by:

William Mitchell (adapted from The Laidly Worm of Spindleston Heugh Wikipedia16)

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