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The Beachcomber

This song is by Jack the Lad and appears on the album Rough Diamonds (1975).

Oh as I was out walking, endured through this sand
There I met a seal maiden, gave me her hand
And I kissed it so sweet, she followed me home
And she spoke in a voice so formal

Oh the day I've been searching to show for my skin
For without it I may not return to my kin
But the skin I had hidden to guard with my life
And I asked her to stay with me, be my wife

And my seal maiden
Whose heart will level with seal folk
Be good

So we married so happy for many a year
With six beautiful children without shame or fear
And I kept the skin moist but cleverly hid
Always wanting the things that she did

Till the time came she obviously longed to get back
And my son saw me hiding the skin in a sack
Told his mother who waited till night, then she crept
And she kissed us goodbye as we slowly slept

And my seal maiden
Whose heart will level with seal folk
Be good

So she made for the shore to be rid of dry land
Her footsteps disturbing not one grain of sand
And she dressed in her skin and swam back to her folk
And I'm waking, my heart it was broken

And their offer each morning down at the same spot
Lay a basket of fish, so she had not forgot
Since she went from my house, we have never hunt seals
And not one of my clan has been lost at sea


Written by:

Simon Cowe

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