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Album by Jack the Lad.
  1. Rocking Chair
  2. Smokers Coughin'
  3. Captain Grant
  4. My Friend The Drink
  5. A Letter From France
  6. Gentleman Soldier
  7. Gardener Of Eden
  8. One For The Boy
  9. The Beachcomber
  10. The Ballad Of Winston O'Flaherty
  11. Jackie Lusive



  • Jack The Lad are:-

Billy Mitchell: guitars, banjo, vocals

Simon Cowe: guitars, keyboards, piano accordion, bazouki, vocals

Ian Walter Fairbairn: guitars, mandolin, banjo, fiddle, vocals

Phil Murray: acoustic and electric basses, vocals and verbals

Ray Laidlaw: drums and crazy rhythms, vocal

  • The harp solo on 'Rocking Chair' was played by Ray Jackson
  • Special thanks to John Kirkpatrick, button accordion, on 'Gentleman Soldier'

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