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Promised Land

This song is by Jack the Lad and appears on the album It's... Jack The Lad (1974).

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March 31, 2019
Well I'm just off the boat and I'm taking it hard
Things don't seem like that in my own backyard
Well there's plenty of money here and lots of things to do
But it doesn't seem right 'cause here's me and there's you

Well you landed here yesterday, boy, are you new?
Did they tell you how many good things we've to do?
Where all the rich did they tell yer, and I don't mean to poke
But you know you need to realise that you're just off the boat

Well do you have a car boy? No, you're just out of (style)
The ones we've got here do a gallon a mile
You could be a lumberjack, there's lots of trees to fall
No! You can never make it, son, you're a little too small
So why did you come here after all?

Did it solve all your problems to come to our place?
You don't know the half of the ones you will face
If you stick it a while things will start to be grand
And you might even get to like this old promised land


Written by:

Billy Mitchell

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