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Album by Jack the Lad.
  1. Eight Ton Crazy
  2. Amsterdam
  3. Steamboat Whistle Blues
  4. Walter's Drop
  5. We'll Give You The Roll
  6. Trinidad
  7. You, You, You
  8. Let It Be Me
  9. The Tender
  10. Take Some Time



Mitch Mitchell: vocals, guitars, banjo

Ian Walter Fairbairn: lead guitar, mandolin, fiddle, vocals

Phil Murray: bass, vocals

Ray Laidlaw: drums, vocals

  • Aided and abetted by:-
  • Ray Jackson: harmonica (Courtesy of E.M.I. Ltd.)
  • Andy Bown: keyboards
  • Chris Mercer: horns
  • Steve Gregory: horns
  • Buddy Beadle: horns
  • The Howdon On Tyne Illegal Immigrants Club: steel drums

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