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Ricin (Daylight Gathering)

This song is by Jack Bruce and appears on the compilation album More Jack Than God (2003).

Dark in the trees wind in your hair
Daylight gathering
My kid on his knees digging for gold
Daylight gathering
Green storms from your eyes transformed into air
Daylight gathering
Restless deep sky half truths are told
Daylight gathering

Clear maps of the stars in my daughter's in my daughter's smile
Daylight visible
Beautiful scars days gilded with tears
Daylight visible
Your eyes hold me deep no distance in miles
Daylight's gathering
Robbed of its sleep your touch laced with fears
Daylight gathering

Traces of dark in the sweat of my bass
Calm light gathering
Depths in her glances light from her face
Calm made visible
The moon looks for her in all the wrong places
Darkness calling
Her eyes still hold deep a love turned from sleep
Dark made audible
Clear maps of the skies in my daughter's eyes
Calmness visible

Star turning words laughing with eyes
Dark made visible
Clouds moving fast across their concrete lives
Darkness visible
We're losing the sight we're losing the light
Calmness visible
I'm losing this world we're losing this world
Skies clouded with fears scars laced with tears
Your hands on my face all's in its place
Daylight gathering


Written by:

Jack Bruce, Hanrahan

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