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Keep on Wondering

This song is by Jack Bruce and appears on the album Out of the Storm (1974).

Raising my glass
To the cities of grass in the wind
Drinking a toast
To the ghost who can still keep it in
Getting on so bad
In the dreams I've had
Still I keep on wondering

Try not to go
Too depressingly slow through the night
Try not to blow out
The candles that throw out the light
Can't afford to lean
On the towns I've seen
Still I keep on wondering

Taking a plane
To the place in the rainbow of smiles
Measures I took
For the pleasures of beating the dials
Moving through the dark
With my lonely spark
Still I keep on wondering

Hoping for aid
When the others have strayed into line
Feelings of anger
To strangle the dangers of time
Sliding down the stair
To whatever's there
Well I keep on wondering...


Written by:

Pete Brown, Jack Bruce

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