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He the Richmond

This song is by Jack Bruce and appears on the album Songs for a Tailor (1969).

There comes an affair in the tides of men
When you can't go back again
Yes there comes a darkness in the affairs of light
When you can't hold back the night
So you go where your mind will keep
Where the rain plays the restless to sleep
On the notes of a broken piano

O the rivers and the seas and you that ride them forever
They called my name to your darkeyed ranks to leave them never
Yes my name it is written in the sand
And it can't escape your sweeping hand

There comes a time as tides must come
When they leave, take some, leave some
Yes there comes a wave in the seas of men
When you can't swim back again
So you go where your mind will keep
Where the wind lulls the restless to sleep
In the beams of the broken headlights


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