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Cold Island

This song is by Jack Bruce and appears on the compilation album More Jack Than God (2003).

Living on cold island
Your mail comes on the wind
Messages and memories
Of all the things you've been

Living on cold island
You can't forget the rain
Remembering the long roads
You'll have to try again

And it's always on your mind
(And it's always on your mind)
And the grinding of the stone
(And the grinding of the stone)
Never getting home

Living on cold island
The love comes second hand
Formulas with fantasies
You do the best you can

Living on cold island
You can't keep out the pain
Recalling all the hard miles
You'll have to swim again

I had too much to lose, I'm telling you
I did not choose this life on cold island

Living on cold island
The radio is faint
Victories and voices
Keep calling you a saint

Living on cold island
You can't escape the flames
Burning up the sunset
And spelling out your name

And it's always in your heart
(And it's always in your heart)
And the shining of the track
(And the shining of the track)
Never coming back


Written by:

Pete Brown, Jack Bruce

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