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Irving Sings Berlin (2001)

Irving Berlin - Irving Sings Berlin

Irving Sings Berlin

  1. 50th Birthday Tribute to Irving Berlin, Excerpts CBS Radio 1938
  2. Marie
  3. Follow the Crowd
  4. Cavalcade of Irving Berlin Hits, 1910-1915 NBC Radio, 1934: Call Me Up
  5. Alexander's Ragtime Band
  6. Oh, How I Hate to Get up in the Morning/This Is the Army, Mr. Jones
  7. Let's Take an Old Fashioned Walk
  8. Paris Wakes up and Smiles
  9. (Just One Way to Say) I Love You
  10. The Policemen's Ball
  11. What Do I Have to Do to Get My Picture in the Paper?
  12. The Hon'rable Profession of the Fourth Estate
  13. Business for a Good Girl Is Bad
  14. Sing a Song of Sing Sing
  15. The Story of Nell and the Police Gazette
  16. Marrying for Love
  17. The Ocarina
  18. It's a Lovely Day Today
  19. The Best Thing for You
  20. Free
  21. It Gets Lonely in the White House
  22. God Bless America (Finale)


Other Songs

The songs listed below should be split into albums. (more information)
  1. "Thank You, Kind Sir!" Said She
  2. A Syncopated Cocktail
  3. An Orange Grove In California
  4. Apologia (Opening Letter, Opening Chorus)
  5. At The Court Around The Corner
  6. Behind The Fan
  7. Bells
  8. Bevo
  9. Bring Back My Lena To Me
  10. Bring Me A Ring In The Spring And I'll Know That You Love Me
  11. Business Is Business
  12. But! She's Just A Little Bit Crazy
  13. Ceremonial Chant
  14. Chinese Firecrackers
  15. Climbing Up The Scales
  16. Colored Romeo
  17. Come Along Sextette
  18. Come To The Land Of The Argentine
  19. Cuddle Up
  20. Dance With Me (Tonight At The Mardi Gras)
  21. Dat's-A My Gal
  22. Dear Mayme, I Love You
  23. Diamond Horseshoe
  24. Ding Dong
  25. Don't Put Out The Light
  26. Don't Send Me Back To Petrograd
  27. Don't Take Your Beau To The Seashore
  28. Dorando
  29. Down To The Folies Bergere
  30. Everyone In The World Is Doing The Charleston
  31. Everything Is Rosy Now For Rosie
  32. Finale Ultimo: Somebody Handed Us A Ticket To Picket
  33. Finale Ultimo
  34. Finale: What's This We Hear?
  35. Follies Minstrels
  36. God Gave You To Me
  37. Good Times With Hoover, Better Times With Al
  38. He's Getting Too Darn Big For A One-Horse Town
  39. Herman Let's Dance That Beautiful Waltz
  40. Hey, Wop
  41. Homeward Bound
  42. How About A Cheer For The Navy
  43. I Didn't Go Home At All
  44. I Have Just One Heart For Just One Boy
  45. I Just Came Back To Say Good Bye
  46. I Love To Stay At Home
  47. I Love You More Each Day
  48. I Never Knew
  49. I Wish That You Was My Gal, Molly
  50. I Wouldn't Give "That" For The Man Who Couldn't Dance
  51. I'd Love To Be Shot From A Cannon With You
  52. I'm A Happy Married Man
  53. I'm Going Back To The Farm
  54. I'm Going On A Long Vacation
  55. If I Had You
  56. If That's Your Idea Of A Wonderful Time (Take Me Home)
  57. If The Managers Only Thought The Same As Mother
  58. In Florida Among The Palms
  59. In Our Hide-Away
  60. In The Morning
  61. In The Shade Of A Sheltering Tree
  62. Is He The Only Man In The World?
  63. Is There Anything Else I Can Do For You?
  64. It Takes An Irishman To Make Love
  65. It's The Little Bit Of Irish
  66. It's Up To The Band
  67. Jimmy
  68. Just A Little Longer
  69. Just Like The Rose
  70. Kitchen Police (Poor Little Me)
  71. Latins Know How
  72. Lead Me To Love
  73. League Of Nations
  74. Learn To Do The Strut
  75. Learn To Sing A Love Song
  76. Legend Of The Pearls
  77. Let's All Be Americans Now
  78. Let's Go Around The Town
  79. Let's Say It With Firecrackers
  80. Lindy
  81. Lock Me In Your Harem And Throw Away The Key
  82. Look Out For The Bolsheviki Man
  83. Looking At You (Across The Breakfast Table)
  84. Louisiana Purchase
  85. Lucky Boy
  86. Maid Of Mesh
  87. Manhattan Madness
  88. Marie From Sunny Italy
  89. Me!
  90. Meet Me Tonight
  91. Miss Liberty
  92. Molly O! Oh, Molly!
  93. Move Over
  94. My Defenses Are Down
  95. My Little Book Of Poetry
  96. My Melody Dream
  97. My New York
  98. My Tambourine Girl
  99. My Walking Stick
  100. No One Could Do It Like My Father!
  101. Oh, What I Know About You
  102. Oh, Where Is My Wife Tonight?
  103. Old Fashioned Wedding
  104. One O'Clock In The Morning I Get Lonesome
  105. Ooh! Maybe It's You
  106. Opening Chorus (Some Dough For The Army Relief)
  107. Outside Of That, I Love You
  108. Over The Sea, Boys
  109. Pigtails And Freckles
  110. Poor Little Rich Girl's Dog
  111. Porcelain Maid
  112. Prohibition
  113. Puttin' On The Ritz (Revised)
  114. Queenie
  115. Ragtime Opera Medley
  116. Remember
  117. Revival Day
  118. Sailor Song
  119. Sayonara
  120. Send A Lot Of Jazz Bands Over There
  121. Sex Marches On
  122. She Was A Dear Little Girl
  123. Si's Been Drinking Cider
  124. So Help Me
  125. Soft Lights And Sweet Music
  126. Sombrero Land
  127. Some Little Something About You
  128. Someone Just Like You
  129. Someone's Waiting For Me (We'll Wait, Wait, Wait)
  130. Spanish Love
  131. Steppin' Out With My Baby
  132. Stop! Look! Listen!
  133. Stop, Stop, Stop (Come Over And Love Me Some More)
  134. Sweet Italian Love
  135. Take It In Your Stride
  136. Telling Lies
  137. That Hula Hula
  138. That Kazzatsky Dance
  139. That Monkey Tune
  140. That Revolutionary Rag
  141. That Russian Winter
  142. That's My Idea Of Paradise
  143. The Army's Made A Man Out Of Me
  144. The Best Of Friends Must Part
  145. The Blue Devils Of France
  146. The Devil Has Brought Up All The Coal
  147. The First Lady
  148. The Friars Parade
  149. The Girl On The Police Gazette
  150. The Girls Of My Dreams
  151. The Hand That Rocked My Cradle Rules My Heart
  152. The Law Must Be Obeyed
  153. The Little Red Lacquer Cage
  154. The Lord Done Fixed Up My Soul
  155. The Monkey Doodle Doo!
  156. The Near Future
  157. The Old Man
  158. The Only Dance I Know (Song For Belly Dancer)
  159. The Passion Flower
  160. The Ragtime Razor Brigade
  161. The Road That Leads To Love
  162. The Song Of The Metronome
  163. There Are Two Eyes In Dixie
  164. They Call It Dancing
  165. This Is A Great Country
  166. This Time / Dressed Up To Win
  167. To My Mammy
  168. Virginia Lou
  169. Was There Ever A Pal Like You?
  170. Washington Twist
  171. Watch Your Step
  172. We Made The Doughnuts Over There
  173. We'll Never Know
  174. What Is Love?
  175. When I'm Out With You
  176. When The Black Sheep Returns To The Fold
  177. When You Kiss An Italian Girl
  178. When You're Down In Louisville (Call On Me)
  179. When You're In Town
  180. Whose Little Heart Are You Breaking Now?
  181. Wild About You
  182. With You
  183. Yiddisha Eyes
  184. Yiddisha Nightingale
  185. You Cannot Make Your Shimmy Shake On Tea
  186. You've Built A Fire Down In My Heart

Additional information

Artist information:

  • b.1888 (Russia), d.1989
  • Occupation: Songwriter, composer, lyricist

Real name:

Irving Berlin is a performance name for Israel Beilin.

Years active:


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