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I Can't See My Feelings

This song is by Iron Maiden and appears on the box set Eddie's Archives (2002).

This song is a cover of "I Can't See My Feelings" by Budgie.
Lyrics by: Burke Shelley, Tony Bourge, Steve Williams

I can't see my feelings
Open my eyes
I can't see my feelings
Open a pair of eyes

I can't see my feelings
Keep them behind
I just keep on reeling
Running back down the line

Oh, I can't stand that screaming
Don't even try
Music fans some feelings
It'll be tell me why

I can't stop that feeling
Showing me why
Man I love that feeling
Yeah, blowin' me right through the sky

Oh hey hey hey hey hey hey
Oh, listen to what she says
If it's good, it's nice


Written by:

Bourge, A.; Shelley, B.

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