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Album by Iron Maiden.
  1. Be Quick Or Be Dead
  2. From Here To Eternity
  3. Afraid To Shoot Strangers
  4. Fear Is The Key
  5. Childhood's End
  6. Wasting Love
  7. The Fugitive
  8. Chains Of Misery
  9. The Apparition
  10. Judas Be My Guide
  11. Weekend Warrior
  12. Fear Of The Dark
Bonus Disc (1995 release)
  1. Nodding Donkey Blues
  2. Space Station No. 5 (cover of "Space Station #5" by Montrose)
  3. I Can't See My Feelings (cover of "I Can't See My Feelings" by Budgie)
  4. Roll Over Vic Vella (cover of "Roll Over Beethoven" by Chuck Berry)
  5. No Prayer For The Dying (live)
  6. Public Enema Number One (live)
  7. Hooks In You (live)


  • Bruce Dickinson – vocals
  • Dave Murray – guitar
  • Janick Gers – guitar
  • Steve Harris – bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Nicko McBrain – drums
  • with Michael Kenney - Keyboards

Additional Info

  • Produced by Martin Birch and Steve Harris
  • Engineered by Martin Birch
  • Mixed by Martin Birch and Steve Harris
  • Recorded and Mixed at Barnyard Studios, Essex, England
  • Assistant Engineer: Mick McKenna
  • Ilustration by Melvyn Grant
  • Photography by George Chin, Phil Anstice

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