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Evening on the Ground (Lilith's Song)

This song is by Iron & Wine and appears on the EP Woman King (2005).

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Hey, man
Evening on the ground and there is no one else around
So you will blame me
Blame me for the rocks and baby bones and broken lock on our
Garden wall of Eden, full of spider bites and all your lovers
We were
We were born to fuck each other one way or another

But I'll only lie
Down by the waterside at night

Hey, man
Tiny baby tears, I will collect a million years
And you can blame me
Blame me, I will wear it in the empty hollow part of my
Garden wall of Eden in the clamor as they raise the curtain
You will
You will never make me learn to lay beneath the mountain

'Cause I'll only lie
Down by the waterside at night


Written by:

Sam Beam

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