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The White Stag

This song is by Inkubus Sukkubus and appears on the album Queen Of Heaven, Queen Of Hell (2013).

You came with wonder, came with light
Your fire a-dancing in the night
With branches reaching t'ward the sky
Wisdom of Ages in your eyes

The dappled light on fur so white
Reveals you naked to our sight
You catch my eye, I catch my breath
Suspended here 'tween life and death

Cernunnos, pure Forest Hart
You came now
Cernunnos, from the Otherworld
Like a flame now

From distant lands I've heard you call
Your spreading antlers broke the fall
Of stars that tumbled from the sky
Your cloven hooves have climbed on high

Bringer of change and Lord of Light
Through forest glad and ancient rite
With fur so white and eyes so bright
You changed my life and then took flight

I am the wind on the sea
I am a flood across a plain
I am a boar who's brave of heart
I am a tear the Sun let's fall
I am a hawk above the cliff
I am a salmon in the pool
I am a wonder among flowers
I am a stag of seven tines

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