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Love Poltergeist

This song is by Inkubus Sukkubus and appears on the album Love Poltergeist (2014).

She has been waiting for a thousand years
Sweet deadly monster and the sum of all your fears
Her sweet scent is upon the humid night
Her dread descent from dark electric skies
Dead eyes alive with iridescent fire
Lost once again to an animal desire
Your pounding heart will take you beyond the pain
Through the sweat and through the tears beneath the summer rain
And fire and blood shall be upon her lips
Once more the grinding hips, once more the kiss

Love Poltergeist

Enchantress of the Damned
Bedizened whore of the night
Fallen Angel of Light
Phantasm of carnal love
From the ashes, the dead and the dust
From beyond the stars above
Sweet siren of dark desire
The touch of sacred fire

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