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Evil Men

This song is by Inkubus Sukkubus and appears on the album Love Poltergeist (2014).

Evil men do evil deeds
Evil men plant evil seeds
In evil women where evil breeds
With evil men to fulfill their needs

It will end in fire and blood
It will end in tears

Evil hearts make evil minds
And evil souls are one and a kind
Evil thoughts make evil things
And evil gifts are what evil brings

The stage is set for future regret
And Lady Luck will betray you
And sorrow descends on swift dark wings
The beast inside will destroy you

Evil women and evil girls
Bring evil sons into an evil world
Evil men make more evil men
Who make evil women, who make evil men

You stared at the Abyss and it's turned you to this
From destroyer of monsters into a monster
Sweet Angel of Love, now your hands are stained with blood
And you are everything you hated

Evil prophets quote from evil books
And stoke the ovens where evil cooks
Evil money means evil greed
An evil dog bites the hand that feeds

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