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Do What Thou Wilt

This song is by Inkubus Sukkubus and appears on the album Love Poltergeist (2014).

You the strength of will, me the Jezabel
Free me of the death of living in mundanity
Lift me to the stars, lift me way on high
Send me to a world that frees me of this reverie
Cast me to the ground, cast my care aside
Raise my consciousness to places it has never been
Fill my empty soul, fill it with your love
Use me as a vessel to channel sacred energy

Let me be your Scarlet Woman
Let me be your Scarlet Whore
Sacred Love, your Will will be my destiny
Love is the law

I am Babalon, I the Divine Whore
Sing to me the songs that carry me to ecstasy
Every man a star, every woman too
Fill each empty soul with every known obscenity
Feed the beast inside, feed it with my love
Charge my chalice full of sweet and sinful chemistry
Love will be my guide, love for love is all
Love will fill my cup and banish mediocrity

Let me be your Muse, let me light the way
Tread the sacred path and walk with me forevermore
Knowledge is our strength, wisdom is our power
Magick holds the key to all that we are looking for
God of perfumed limb, anoint me with your love
Restless is the soul that yearns to hear the sacred call
I shall be the beast, you shall be the whore
Will and will alone will open each and every door

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