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At The Heart Of Darkness

This song is by Inkubus Sukkubus and appears on the album Love Poltergeist (2014).

The story is new but it is the same
The beast is starving once again
Your thoughts so pure have led to this
You can't resist the serpent's kiss

Once more the dark temptation
Once more divine elation
Again intoxication
Drives you onto fornication

Into the vortex of the storm
At the Heart of Darkness you are reborn
You need more than romantic love
You need some evil in your blood

By the flesh illumination
Lust will be your true salvation
Alchemy is transmutation
Sacred Fire is exultation

The crooked way is the path to joy
Can't fight the devil in your loins
A thousand locks but just one key
Sweet Bacchus lead us to the feast

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